Care'ey App

A B2C app based on AI that connects people looking for a service with professionals

My Role

User Research

UX&UI Product Design



8 Months



Care’ey is a company that developed a B2C app based on AI for people who need S.O.S services with professionals.
As part of the project, I had the responsibility to research, plan, characterize and design the application and, among other things, the company’s image website –
Today the company operates in several cities across the country and aims to soon develop outside Israel as well.
So start memorizing the name – Care’ey App.

The Problem

Complex to locate an available professional

In today’s reality, it is very complex to find a professional available in case of SOS problems.
At best, and after many phone calls, you may be able to find a professional who is available “within the next few hours”. And the truth? We have no choice but to accept it because this is what we are used to.
In addition to this problem, it is accompanied by other issues such as the inability to pay by credit card, failure to track the professional’s arrival time, failure to supervise his work, and other issues.
The current situation is an obstacle in the field of service providers between suppliers and customers, for this purpose I have summarized some of the relevant problems that exist today:

  • It’s hard to make the right decision – there is a wide range of service providers for which no one really takes responsibility.
  • You never know if they are really “on their way” and where they are located – you must call and ask when they will be arriving.
  • You are never sure if you got a reasonable price for the service provided – because there is no one monitoring them so you have no way of knowing if the pricing was fair.
  • You may not be able to use a credit card, most services are “cash only” or by check.

User Research

The main competitors in the field of professionals

From the research I conducted, there are several main companies in the field of service providers in the market today.
Some operate in the form of an index that provides information on recommended professionals according to rating and user recommendations, some connect the user to professionals by obtaining a phone number and coordinating and dealing directly with him, and some simply recommend prices, problems and repairs and provide useful information about the world of professionals.
What these competitors have in common is that none of them have a platform for direct dealings with customers and an answer for monitoring the movement of the professional.

Survey Results

Based on the research I did, these are the main findings:

User Persona

Based on the research, I developed user persona to relate to in the process:

Sharon Levin, 44

HR Manager at Diglit-il Company

Goals :
• She is looking for fast and immediate service for a plumbing problem that has arisen at her home.
• She wants to receive an excellent service at a fair price without having to haggle over a price and pay using a digital wallet.

Pain Points :
• In her past experience, a professional came to her home to treat a previous problem and the problem got worse.
• It took the professional two and a half hours to get to her house to take care of the problem, which disrupted her daily routine.
• She doesn’t use cash or checks at all.

"It's time to embark on a new path in the field of service providers"

The Solution

A B2C app based on artificial intelligence

Based on the above information and the facts that exist in the service provider market today, Care’ey decided to develop an application based on artificial intelligence that aims to connect people looking for S.O.S services with professionals.
The user enters the address and the service he is looking for and the system locates the nearest, available, and best professional for him, just like Gett locates a taxi for the users or Walt locates a courier for the users.
It’s the same idea only in the field of service providers.
Below are some important points of advantage of Care’ey’s solution compared to the competitors in the market:

  • All professional service providers in an easy-to-use app.
  • Only certified and insured service providers.
  • Real-time tracking up until arrival.
  • Full guarantee on all services.

Target Audience

People looking for S.O.S services and professionals looking to provide additional service and work.

The Value

The users of the app enjoy a fast, high-quality, convenient and reliable service experience that does not exist today in the service provider market

User Flow Diagram

The way to consume a service today

Based on the investigation, I detailed the actions that the user performs on the client’s side from the beginning of locating the service he is looking for until the end of the service response on the provider’s side.
I did the same on the supplier side.
After I finished I worked on the user flow diagram on both sides.

Client side

Provider side


Planning the structure of the screens

The next step was to start designing the interfaces.
Unlike previous jobs, in this case I had to design two applications that would communicate with each other. One application will characterize the customer’s side in the interaction with the supplier and a second application that will characterize the supplier’s side in responding to the customer.

Client side

Provider side

User Interface

Current design in brand colors

In the last step, I was asked to choose a color palette, think about an original design, and research what the competitors in the market decided to do.After researching and analyzing competitors, I chose to design the interface in the company’s brand colors.
I chose purple and white colors because they create intuition, peace, dedication, and a sense of security in the users.
My goal was to make users feel comfortable using a new application they are unfamiliar with, trust the interface and understand the actions they need to perform and give them a feeling of calm and confidence in interacting with the service providers.
this thus things making the interface comfortable, pleasant, clear, and uncomplicated.

OnBoarding & Login

In the first stage, users receive quick and focused information about the use of the application. After that, they must enter a phone number to receive a verification code to continue with a quick registration process.

Choose location & service

At this stage, the users are asked to enter the address where they want the professional to come and deal with the problem. After that, they need to choose the type of service (plumber, locksmith or electrician) and immediately after that indicate the type of malfunction. The Careey's price will appear next to each of the malfunctions. Once they finished, they are asked to click the button to confirm the service for them.